Clinical Neuropathy 


Reduce Pain and Improve Sensation with LED Light Therapy

Our Boot/122 pads are the cornerstone of clinical neuropathy programs. Improving blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the nerves with our light therapy Boot pads helps nerves to begin to carry sensations again when the cause of neuropathy is related to poor circulation. Infrared and red light trigger the release of nitric oxide from blood vessels and red blood cells in the area directly under the light therapy pads. Nitric oxide causes vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels) that lasts several hours after the therapy. Improvements in neuropathy pain typically occur gradually over weeks of regular therapy. A less frequent maintenance schedule is advised following a series of therapy sessions to maintain the improved sensation by continuing to support circulation. 

Over 3 million new cases of peripheral neuropathy are diagnosed each year in the United States. And this rate just keeps growing. LED light therapy has shown significant results in relieving the pain and discomfort of this condition and improving sensation. 

Use Boot 122 Pads 2 Ways
  • Our therapy boot is designed to cover the entire leg and foot area to generate better circulation and faster relief of symptomatic pain, numbness, tingling, burning and stinging.


  • The boot pad can be folded around the foot to concentrate energy on the foot.

Our Boot 122 Pads feature red and near-infrared inset diodes for greater comfort because protruding diodes can cause discomfort for those with nerve sensitivity. Pad edges are bound for an attractive finished look and durability. Blue facing fabric, Black Velcro receptive fabric on the reverse.


All of our controllers include the automatic "N" Neurocare program for easy neuropathy therapy. 

Pads Designed for Comfort and Durability:

  • Inset Diodes - many flexible boot designs have protruding diodes that can cause discomfort pressing into sensitive skin 

  • Bound Pad Edges - protect pad edges for long-term use 

  • Easy Cleaning - disposable alcohol pads may be used to wipe the surface and diodes

Neuropathy & LED Therapy: Light Increases Circulation

VIDEO BELOW: Dr. Saputo has used Infrared Light Therapy clinically for pain relief for a number of years. He gives examples of its application for many painful conditions, including Diabetic Neuropathy. He reports that its use in the treatment of cancer pain is surprising and that this technology is amazing for sports injuries!

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