Neurocare Systems Clinical Support Program

We are Neurocare Systems, a neurological photobiomodulation modality company that provides LED Light Therapy Systems for an impressive amount of therapy uses, including Neuropathy, TBI and concussion. We can help you begin or expand your patient base.


We provide COMPLETE LED LIGHT THERAPY SYSTEMS and Solutions to assist you with:

  • Improving your patient results

  • Expanding your Therapy Programs

  • Increasing your client base

Our Equipment is:


FDA cleared, powerful, effective, ergonomic, completely safe, and easy-to-operate LED Light Therapy Systems for both clinical and in-home use. Our photobiomodulation systems are pulsed to Nogier Frequencies (and Solfeggio Frequencies in the 4 and 6-Port Controllers) and include both automatic and manual frequency programs.


We Offer You:

  • A FREE SUPPORT PROGRAM for your clinic, including patient forms, training manuals, instructions, lifestyle support, patient acquisition support and much more.

  • A FREE SUPPORT PROGRAM for your patients for the in-home program.


We Support You Long-Term:

  • No monthly Program Fee Ever!

  • No monthly sales quotas

  • Easy ordering. Drop shipment to your patients or clinic


You buy equipment wholesale directly from Neurocare Systems for resale to your patients for in-home use. The Neurocare Systems team facilitates a full turn-key program that is available to you Free of Charge. We combine the most advanced and effective Light Therapy equipment on the market today (with decades of clinical results) with a FREE SUPPORT PROGRAM to ensure your success.


Neurocare LED Light Pad Controllers
infrared LED light therapy pads

Our program gets you up and running quickly and effectively!


We Help You:

  • Attract more Patients for Neuropathy, TBI/Concussion, and Pain Relief and improve your patients' quality of life

  • Make Neuropathy, TBI/concussion and other Neurological Modalities a Substantial and Expanding Part of Your Practice with substantial patient results

  • Increase your Revenue and total client base


Our LED Light Systems are proven to work effectively with decades of usage and thousands of satisfied national and international customers. Your patients will find our Light Therapy Systems to be comfortable, versatile, ergonomic, safe, relaxing, and very easy to use while delivering effective results!


Our Philosophy:

By placing your trust in Neurocare Systems (NS) you can rely on our support. Our company philosophy is very simple: your interests will always be at the top of our agenda. And we take that very seriously!


As a Neurocare Systems client, you will be provided educational materials on the use of our systems to help you get started quickly including tips on how to set up therapy in your clinic. Our continuing free support will keep you up-to-date with access to the latest information, results, and advancements pertaining to our LED Light Therapy equipment.


Work with Neurocare Systems to:

  • Use our LED Light Therapy Systems in your clinic

  • Sell our professional-grade LED Light Systems to your patients for in-home use


We give you FREE support materials for:

  • Your Clinic

  • Your Patients - home use support materials

  • Program Marketing Support and Materials


Provide your patients with our Free Training & Educational Materials to maximize results. Your patients will learn:

  • How to use and maintain their new LED Light Therapy systems

  • Best placement of pads for maximum benefits

  • How to work with the different pulsed frequencies

  • How to take care of their Neuropathy

  • How to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle


When you and your patients buy Neurocare Systems equipment, it is an investment in the very best Medical Grade Photobiomodulation Light Therapy Systems available on the market today.


Start with in-clinic evaluation and therapy sessions for your patients. The therapy sessions are easy to set up and are unattended, saving staff labor that can be spent attending to other duties of need in your clinic. At the time of your choosing, you may transition your patient to purchasing a home system. More frequent therapy sessions can be given at home which often leads to better results (the system may be used daily if they so choose). You continue to maintain ongoing clinical visits for adjustments, monitoring, support, and additional augmentative therapies to maximize your patient's results. The purchase of a Light Therapy System from you for in-home use allows your patient to appreciate the time savings and convenience of continuing therapy at home on their own schedule, while knowing that they are not alone and that their doctor is monitoring the progress of their treatment -- and it is progressing as best it can while they are benefiting even more from their clinical visits.


Not only will your patients benefit from more frequent or daily administration of therapy that will enhance their results, but they will also receive Free Educational Information on how to have a healthier lifestyle, which we make available to you to deliver during their office visits as part of our Free Support Program.


As a Neurocare Systems client, you will have access to:

  • Clinical studies on Light Therapy

  • Published information from LED Light Equipment Experts

  • Innovations and Advancements in the ever-growing scientific field of Light Therapy Technology


FDA Registered Facility:

Neurocare Systems LED Light Therapy Systems are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and subject to regulation and inspection requirements. Our manufacturing is also ISO certified.



  • All of our systems come with a 2-year Warranty.

  • Controller repair is available after the Warranty period.


Our versatile Photobiomodulation Light Therapy Systems can be used in many ways and are extremely effective for:

  • Peripheral neuropathy (More than 3 million new cases of Peripheral Neuropathy are diagnosed each year in the US alone.)

  • TBIs, Concussions, and Strokes - circulation is increased

  • Joint, Muscle, & Soft Tissue Pain - pain is relieved & inflammation is reduced

  • Back & Shoulder Pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional Stress is reduced

  • Skin Ailments and Rejuvenation


With just a low investment in Neurocare Systems, our versatile equipment will allow you to treat multiple afflictions for your patients and deliver a multitude of benefits.


Call Neurocare Systems today and find out how our state-of-the-art Medical Photobiomodulation Therapy Systems and our FREE SUPPORT PROGRAM can expand your practice!


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