Care Vertical: Peripheral Neuropathy

Reduce Pain and Improve Sensation with the most advanced LED Light Therapy System on the market.

The Neurocare Pro Thigh-High 442 Boot and the 364 Calf-High 364 boot are the cornerstones of clinical neuropathy and available for both in-Clinic and home use care.

Treat your patients with the most advanced, most powerful, and largest coverage area of any boot system on the market. Both the Thigh-High 442 and Calf-High 364 boots can be powered by either the Neurocare Pro 6 port controller or the Neurocare Home 2 port controller. Both feature advanced firmware, two backlit displays and offer versatile preset pulse rates to treat any portion of the body. These boots are so powerful, they require an 18V power source, as opposed to the 14V used by most all other boots on the market.

Both the Thigh-High 442 and the Calf-High 364 boots feature the Microchip LED diodes technology called surface mounted diode (SMD) which is the highly advanced dual diode chip-set technology. Each chip-set house Near Infrared 850nm light waves and Red Light 630 nm light wave in the same chipset, which eliminates the tissue voids of the older “through-hole” LED systems. Another impressive feature of the SMD technology is that it offers a significantly wider spread of the light particles with our 120-degree aperture projection compared to the older “through-hole” technology of 20–30-degree aperture projection. This spreads the critical energy evenly over the leg/foot. These diode chipsets are flat and offer maximum comfort to your patients during treatments. Those patients suffering from edema will appreciate this significantly more comfortable technology as well It is well known that peripheral neuropathy is systemic and even though your patients may only be feeling symptoms in their feet or hands, treating the entire legs/arms significantly add to the overall efficacy of the treatments by increasing the blood flow in the entire legs and arms and thus, increasing blood flow to the feet. Bottom line, during months of testing in the Pulsed Neurocare Center using the SMD technology on peripheral neuropathy had proven to be a much better medial application than the older “through hole” technology.

One of the features of both the boots systems are they feature built-in Straps. Which makes patient setup much smoother and significantly faster.

It is estimated that 25-30 million Americans have been diagnosed with peripheral Neuropathy and another 5 to 7 million that have the disease but have not been diagnosed. It is further documented that 3 million Americans get diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy each year making this is a large and growing health issue with the general-public and your patients. There are hundreds of causes of peripheral neuropathy and there are millions of patients that need some relief from this horrible disease. The dangerous medications that are being prescribed to those suffering with this disease is masking the symptoms, not addressing the cause, and is stealing their quality of life. You can deliver significant relief with this safe and non-invasive technology restoring your patient’s quality of life while growing your practice by offering LED Photobiomodualtion (light therapy) to them as a primary or ancillary modality.

Offer your patients a highly effective care package for peripheral neuropathy with in-clinic care supported by the Neurocare Pro Thigh High 442 boots or a home care program which is supported by the Neurocare Home Calf-high boots so they can treat in the comfort of their home. Restoring your patient’s quality life is possible, whether they have large fiber or small fiber neuropathy, LED photobiomodualtion is showing excellent results with 85% of patient that are treating with photobiomodualtion (light therapy).

There are several product lines on the market that have shown great efficacy on Peripheral neuropathy. But you now have the most powerful, most advanced, and largest boot systems available in your arsenal as a highly efficacious modality for your patients. Afterall, they deserve the best and most advanced technology available. It is all about patient results!

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